Manufacturer and distributors of lighting, ventilation and hydroponics
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Our Warranty

Our Warranty

Advanced Star Product is a range of electrical equipment for horticulture and a range of lighting for building professionals.

Advanced Star Products, quality control from design to delivery.

Our products are designed (designed) in France and manufactured in Asia. At each stage of production, our teams conducting various quality checks to ensure that the specifications are met. A precaution which allows us to offer a one year warranty on
our entire range.

Stars Advanced products are reliable because we pay special attention to the selection of partners. In Focus quality of our products. To ensure this, we multiply the quality controls.

Compliance with European and American standards, tests of strength and longevity products, rigorous selection of raw materials but also comfortable working environment, our teams validate each stage of production.

Our continued presence also allows us to ensure competitive pricing policy in respect of product quality. Near Paris, our logistics base, ensures the storage flexibility needed to ensure access for all products from our catalog.