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EC meter


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Range / Resolution:

0.00 to 19.99 mS/cm / 0.01mS/cm

Accuracy: 2% f.s.

TEMP.Compensation: 0 to 50 (32 to 122 )

Environment: 0 to 50 (32 to 122 );

95% RH not condensing

Calibration Solutions:

(12.88 mS/cm)


1. Immerse the meter in the distilled water. Activate it after a few hours.

2. Immerse the meter in the indicated calibration solution (see Specifications), without exceeding the maximum immersion level. And stir it gently.

3. Allow the reading to stabilize and with a small screwdriver turn the calibration trimmer until the display shows the required solution value.

4. Replace the battery compartment cap.

The calibration is now complete.

it automatically relieves the hold condition

Important Notice

1)Stir gently the meter when using. Don't let some bleb on the electrode.

2)For guarantee the measure accuracy, please don't re-calibrate it optionally.

3)In case of abnormal phenomena such as high measured deviation, blinking measured value, no zero resetting, etc, please immerse the electrode in alcohol for cleaning.

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